Pre-Arrangement FAQs 2023

Do you have questions about funeral pre-arrangements?

Below you will find the answers to the questions that we get asked most often from people considering a pre-arranged funeral.

What is a Pre-arranged Funeral?

When an individual makes decisions and pre-pays for funeral arrangements. This may be pre-paying for just a cremation or pre-paying for many details towards a traditional burial or unique event.

I have life insurance? Why would I pre-pay for my funeral?

Having Life Insurance is wise. However, pre-paying for a funeral is about more than just money. When you pre-arrange you make the decisions to take the guess work away from the grieving folks who will be left behind. Your wishes will be followed. In addition, you are paying todays prices on professional fees and merchandise, regardless of how many years pass until the death occurs.

Life Insurance funds do not arrive instantaneously, therefore, if you choose not to pre-pay for your funeral, your executor may have to pay out of their pocket until the life insurance funds “arrive”.

What if the funeral provider closes?

When you pre-arrange with ANORA, funds are safely with TruStage of Life Canada.

What if I move out of the Lower Mainland?

We would either return the funds or re-assign the benefits to a funeral provider in your new hometown.

We already have burial plots. Do we have to go to the funeral provider associated with that cemetery?

No. Any funeral provider in B.C. can bury in any cemetery in B.C.

I was told by a friend to not pre-arrange because the paperwork could get lost. Is that true?

The key is to let your Executor know that you have pre-arranged and give them the business card of the funeral provider. We keep excellent records and it is easy for us to look up that information for the executor, should the original paperwork be misplaced or not readily available. As well, you can put a copy of the information with your will.

If death is imminent, is it worth it to make pre-arrangements?

Yes, because with a pre-arrangement, the important decisions will have been made by you. Your wishes will be followed and it takes the guess-work out of making arrangements later. Also, when the death occurs, the survivors will not need have to worry about making big decision while they are grieving.

Can one make pre-arrangements on behalf of a loved one?

Yes, if your elderly family member is not physically able to make pre-arrangements, you can do that for them.

Pre-Arrangement FAQs 2023

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